Burlington Tactical Fabrics

Exceptional performance fabrics for any situation.

Our mission is set. We provide superior performing fabrics with exceptional capabilities for a tactical lifestyle.



Over the years, Burlington has supplied operators across the nation with quality fabrics for their service garments. Building on this long-standing tradition, we are expanding our scope to include innovative textiles woven to bridge the gap between home and work.

  • Sharp Appearance

    Sharp Appearance

    Enhanced durability meets exceptional appearance. With a wide range of weaves and constructions, our fabric stands the test of time.

  • Performance

    Cutting Edge Performance

    Matrix fabric finish technologies like odor management, sun-protection, and moisture wicking for a durable, performance-packed fabric.

  • Peak Comfort

    Peak Comfort

    Let our fabric work for you. From air jet textured yarns for a softer hand to 4 way stretch for ultimate comfort in movement, we bring you peak comfort with versatility to perform in any situation.

  • 3=1

    3=1 Color Options

    Piece-dyed plaids offering 3 different looks, with just one plaid fabric.

  • Weight Range

    Weight Options

    Ranging from rugged 9 oz. fall weights to the 4.5 oz. travel trek bottoms.

  • Textural Solids

    Textural Solids

    Ripstops reinforce the structure, offer tear resistance, visual and surface interest.

    Canvas, the traditional rugged wear fabric.

  • Abrasion Resistance

    Abrasion Resistance

    Nylon bottoms with high strength, easycare. Rugged resilience. Also available with branded Cordura® Nylon.

  • Matrixing_80x80

    Matrixed Performance

    Insect repellency matrixed with Burlington®’s moisture wicking plus UV protection technology.