Burlington engineers exceptional, easy-care, liquid and stain repellency options for both worsted and synthetic applications.

Repellency Durepel® Plus

Durable Repellency

A unique water and stain repellent finish with exceptional durability and maximum protection, even after repeated washings.

Water + Stain Repellent


Soft + Comfortable


PF Zero Logo 4C

Conscious Repellency

A highly durable, environmentally engineered finish that provides water repellency free of fluorocarbon compounds.

Flourine Free

Durable + Breathable

Comfortable + Odorless

Eco-Friendly Repellency

Repellency Invisible Barrier™

Repellency for Worsteds

A revolutionary combination of technologies that raises the bar for liquid and stain repellency for fine worsted wool and synthetic garments.

Repellency Raepel™

Repellency for Uniform

Liquid and stain repellency engineered for the uniform market to be durable to both dry-cleaning and home-laundry.