Contract Interior Fabrics

Burlington Contract Fabrics is a vertically integrated manufacturer of piece-dyed woven fabrics for the commercial interiors market, including corporate, institutional/educational, healthcare, and hospitality.

What We Do:  Employing a wide range of capabilities in yarn texturing, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, we design, develop, and produce fabrics that combine great aesthetics, great performance, and excellent quality - all at compelling price points.

How We're Different:  We specialize in yarn processes and weave constructions that create unique texture and color effects. Piece dyed wovens offer unbeatable flexibility and lead-time advantages. Our finishing capabilities include branded and unbranded stain resist, antimicrobial, and fire-retardant technologies. Our US plants, together with our wholly-owned facility in China, comprise a global platform from which we provide our customers with unique solutions and strategic advantages.

What We Care About:  We are dedicated to the health and safety of our employees and our environment. From the extensive use of post-consumer recycled polyester to employing low-impact manufacturing processes, we constantly look to enhance the sustainability of our products.

Product Range

Contract Interior Fabrics