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No Fly Zone® Insect Repellent Technology is an odorless, matrixable, insect-repellent textile application.


Health Canada (PMRA) registered and durable for seventy home launderings, No Fly Zone® Insect Repellent Technology can be applied to polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, and aramids to provide comfortable and consistent insect repellent infused directly into the fabric.

What is No Fly Zone?

How is No Fly Zone® Made?

No Fly Zone® Bite Test

How does it work?

No Fly Zone is a contact repellent. This means that the insect needs to touch the fabric to be affected. The technology then produces the knockdown effect, affecting the insect's nervous system, causing it to fly away before it may bite.

Insect Wash Cycles

Made to Last

Durable through 70 wash cycles, thats years of regular use

Insect Consistent Application

Consistent Application

Consistently and uniformly applied across the fabric for unprecedented durability

Insect EPA Registered safe to wear

Safe to Wear

Health Canda (PMRA) registered

All pesticides must be registered before they can be imported, sold or used in Canada. We conduct science-based risk assessments to ensure that pesticide products meet health and environmental standards.


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