For clothes that do more than just look good.

Build transitional, on-the-go collections with Smarterwear™. Designed for versatility, these fabrics feature easy-care performance, quick-dry, high-style, and wrinkle resistance.

This is not your grandfather’s polyester.

Multi-function, high-tech fabrics designed to keep up with the new generation. Wrinkle-free comfort is the new black.

  • Durable

    Looks Newer, Longer

    Modern attributes continue to be engineered in polyester yarns, think stronger, softer, more comfortable fabric. No fade, looks newer longer Long-lasting Excellent shape retention.

  • Bounce Back Anti Wrinkle

    Bounce-back Performance

    Sleek and packable fabric with a resilient construction, allowing the fibers to bounce back into shape after crushing or wrinkling.

  • Quick Dry

    Quick-Dry Moisture Wicking

    Polyester is hydrophobic. Unlike cotton, it dries super fast.

  • Soft Hand

    Cotton-like Softness

    Soft, matted natural touch, without the sheen of spandex. Can be sanded or brushed.

  • Matrixing_80x80

    Fashion with Function

    Matrix fabric finish technologies like odor management, sun-protection, and moisture wicking for a durable, performance-packed fabric.

  • Easy Care

    On-the-go Washability: Wash, Hang-dry, Wear!

    Who has time for dry-cleaning when you’re on-the-go? Quickly wash, hang dry, and wear.


Smarterwear™ Shirtings

  • Soft Laundred Look

    Soft Laundered Look

    These lightweight fabrics are designed with a relaxed laundered appearance ranging in touch from technical to soft and cottony.

  • 3=1

    3=1 Color Options

    Piece-dyed plaids offering 3 different looks, with just one plaid fabric.

  • 2 way stretch

    Comfort Stretch

    Increased mobility for ultimate comfort in movement. Featuring 2 and 4 way stretch options.

Smarterwear™ Bottoms

  • Quick Dry

    Engineered Performance

    Built-in yarn technology for enhanced performance, comfort, and stretch.

  • Soft Hand

    Cotton Touch

    Soft, matted natural touch, without the sheen of spandex. Can be sanded or brushed.

  • 2 way stretch

    Performance Stretch

    Increased mobility for ultimate comfort in movement. Featuring a spandex-free collection of stretch performance.

    • Superior recovery vs. spandex
    • Low growth and shrinkage
    • Level 1 - 20-25% Stretch
    • Level 2 - 30% Stretch

Smarterwear™ Outerwear

Smarterwear™ Boys

Designed for versatility and play, these fabrics feature easy- care performance, stretch comfort, soft natural touch, high style, and wrinkle resistance.